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CENA has built a library specializing in North American history and culture with support from CNRS and EHESS. Today, the library holds more than 2,000 titles focusing on research works that are not readily available elsewhere in France . Its policy of annual acquisitions reflects the research interests of its members: economic history; the history of the state; migration studies; urban studies; slavery and colonization; Atlantic history; ethnohistory; ethnicity and race studies; the cultural anthropology of music; and the history and anthropology of natural disasters. Although history is the main discipline, anthropology and sociology are well represented. Three kinds of titles are available: reference works, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, and archival and bibliographical guides; general works and specialized monographs; and Master’s theses and Ph.D. dissertations . The library is located in room 12, 105 blvd Raspail, 75006 Paris. It is open to the public by appointment only.

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Des « révoltes indiennes » aux « émeutes autochtones »

Colloque - Jeudi 09 mars 2017 - 09:30Le terme de « révolte » ou de « rébellion » a souvent prévalu pour qualifier de manière indistincte toutes sortes de soulèvements des populations indiennes dans le contexte de la colonisation européenne – espagnole, portugaise, française ou britannique – ou, (...)(...)

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