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CENA and Mondes Américains

In 2001, CENA, as a research center affiliated with EHESS, entered into partnership with the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). Since January 1, 2006, CENA has been part of a larger research unit jointly managed and funded by EHESS and CNRS, now called Mondes Américains (American Worlds). The only CNRS research unit specialized in history and anthropology that covers all of the Americas, MASCIPO brings together with CENA four additional research centers devoted to the Caribbean and Latin America: CERMA and CRBC at EHESS; CRALMI at the University of Paris 1; and ESNA at the University of Paris Ouest. This collaboration makes Mondes Américains a leading research institution in the developing field of hemispheric history. It has a wide range of trans-American historical and anthropological research interests that are developed through seminars, conferences, symposia, and lecture series. For more details, see Mondes Américains's website.

For 2014-2018, Mondes Américains’ scientific project combines three methodological priorities: interdisciplinarity between anthropology and history; reflexivity over the categories and scales of analysis we use; and comparison among the various American societies of the early modern and modern periods, and between the Americas and the rest of the world. A transversal approach across periods, cultural areas, fields and disciplines characterizes our four collective investigations: métissageor mestizajeand Americanization as a forerunner for globalization; imperial social formations; the historicity of the state and the evolving relationship between state and civil society; and social and ethnic identities and movements.

Mondes Américains

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Le chiffre et la carte

Colloque - Jeudi 21 septembre 2017 - 09:30Le chiffre (le recensement, les enquêtes statistiques, les données, les artefacts comme le taux de chômage ou l’indice des prix) et la carte (les descriptions géographiques, les différents types de cartes, géologiques, topographiques, etc., leur soubasse (...)(...)

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Des « révoltes indiennes » aux « émeutes autochtones »

Colloque - Jeudi 09 mars 2017 - 09:30Le terme de « révolte » ou de « rébellion » a souvent prévalu pour qualifier de manière indistincte toutes sortes de soulèvements des populations indiennes dans le contexte de la colonisation européenne – espagnole, portugaise, française ou britannique – ou, (...)(...)

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